Whatever I Find Interesting

I will be posting about topics that I find interesting here or about mini-projects that I have been working on. For example, the first post is a tutorial to create pretty images using a simple Python script. This mini-project started because I needed a tool like this for one of my larger projects. Let's see where this goes.

Setting up Flask and Apache on AWS EC2 Instance

I create websites on EC2 pretty frequently but every time I do, I inevitably take 30 minutes to an hour with just the setup process. Flask, on its own, tends to be pretty straightforward but there are several other important steps that are less straightforward...

Software Engineering (CS 373) Blog

I have started a weekly blog documenting my journey this semester while taking a Software Engineering course at UT. Even though the focus is on what happens in that class, I also write about all of my other experiences that week.

Creating Transparent Text Buttons

A few weeks ago, I was working on a game (check it out!) and I wanted to add transparent text with a surrounding white box to a gradient background. It seemed easy but when I looked around online, there simply were no easy and customizable ways to do this. So, of course, I wrote a few short Python scripts to do the job.