Week 15 - The End

Software Engineering (CS 373) Spring 2017

This will be the final blog post here. This week, my team presented the website that we have been working on for the last couple of months. (Link to Presentation) We also had the last exam for the class on Thursday. I did well and with that, the class is now over. Here's a quick recap of the course.

+ Teaching style
+ Not a difficult class if you put in the effort
+ You will become a better software engineer
+ Emphasis on testing and workflow
+ Plenty of extra credit opportunities (Seriously. I ended the year with over a 100 average.)
+ Some other interesting content such as refactoring and relational algebra
+ A lot of class participation
+ Use many modern tools such as Docker/React/AWS (see course page for a more complete list)
-/+ Large teams - this can be annoying if you are not used to having to work with such a large team but if you follow Agile methodologies, it will be fine. In a way, this too prepares you for industry.
- Cannot be late to class (quiz every class day)
- A lot of class time is spent on teaching Python at the start of the semester. If you already know Python, this may feel like a waste of time

Overall, the rumors are true. Professor Downing is a great professor. This is a fun class and I would say that this is a must-take before you graduate.