Week 1

Software Engineering (CS 373) Spring 2017

What did you do this past week?

This, being the first week of the semester, has not been too busy. In class, we talked about the tools that we will be using and we discussed testing. I enjoyed the first two lectures and having heard great things about this class, I am really looking forward to learning a lot this semester. I have installed Docker and I just finished reading the three papers that Professor Downing had posted on the class website. This semester, I am also taking Algorithms and Complexity with Professor Moshkovitz and Programming Languages with Professor Cook.

What's in your way?

I need to wake up earlier and adjust to my new schedule. I had bike problems this Friday. For the first time since joining college, I left my apartment without my keys. I realized this when trying to lock my bike. I could either bike back to my apartment, get my keys, bike back to class, and miss the first 30 minutes of class, or leave my bike unlocked in the middle of campus. I ran around to find the best place to hide my bike but there was no perfect spot. I was just wasting time. I stuffed my bike in between two other bikes, coiled the cable around the bike to put up the facade of a secure bike and ran to class. By the time I reached, I was 3 mintutes late and the first quiz of the semester had started. I logged on but it was too late. By the time I could get on, the quiz was closed.

What will you do next week?

I expect to get used to my schedule by next week. Right now, I am two weeks ahead on a couple of classes and just on track for other classes. I am going to try to get all my homework for next week done today and use the first few days of next week getting ahead. I need to set up my environment for Software Engineering and I need to finish the JS and XP readings. I also have a few personal projects that I want to finish before some of the recruiting events next week. Although I have already accepted an offer for the summer, I am considering a Fall internship and for that, I have been reviewing CTCI (Cracking the Coding Interview) and getting some more of my personal projects ready. This website needs to be updated as well. I built most of this website over the last two weeks of winter break. I still need to add posts about all of my personal projects.

What’s my experience of the class?

So far, I have been enjoying the class. Professor Downing is very likable and the lectures are very interactive. Even though we have not started on the core material of the class, based on what I have seen, I have high hopes.

What's my pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

HackUTD is still taking applications. I got my confirmation today. I would recommend checking it out if you are available on March 4/5. Next, even though most of you have probably already read this, since I am re-reading it this week, I must give a shoutout to Cracking the Coding Interview. It's a great book and you will not regret buying it. Finally, if you interested in building autonomous vehicles and/or ROS (Robot Operating System), UT IEEE Robotics and Automation Society has the hardware and the basic software built. With a few more CS majors, we can get it running. I believe the competition is in the first week of June. The robot needs to be ready by then. Let me know if you are interested!